Low Self-Esteem Keeps Women Off Beaches

Stop the presses. The Irish Independent is running a story in its women’s section with this headline:

Low self-esteem causes women to avoid the beach

The story reads:

According to new research, over half of women in the UK will say no to a beach holiday this year because they would rather stay put than wear a bikini.

The study carried out by Harley Street clinic LoveLite asked 1,000 women in the UK how their body confidence issues faired when it came to bikini season – so bad say some 53 per cent of us that we’ll actually say no to that beach holiday altogether.

If the lure of the sunshine knows no body confidence bounds then those of us that do make it to the beach will simply suffer in stomach-sucking silence. 93 per cent of us will constantly hold in our midriff while on the beach, a quarter of us will hide our muffin-top, hips and thighs with a sarong, and that’s after half of us have tried five diets or more to trim down before we’ve even get there.

Unsurprisingly, with only one per cent of British women claiming to have no body hang-ups whatsoever, six out of ten of us will go out of our way to avoid holiday snaps in our swimmers too – bingo wings and bottoms to blame for our apparent camera shyness.

Apparently we’re not all going on a summer holiday, just a diet.

I hate lame “studies” which are not actually studies but surveys conducted not by researchers but PR people at for-profit businesses in order to … um … generate stories and headlines such as this one, whose ludicrous second-person-singular pronouncements purport to speak for all of “us.”


Low Self-Esteem Keeps Women Off Beaches — 2 Comments

  1. This is really an epidemic all women struggle with. This self esteem issue needs to be dealt with! I have been reading Getting Past The Ugly by Bermesola Dyer, her site is bermesolamdyer.com. She writes what I would call a workbook, as that is how I use it, but just as a general read it works great too. Just some good literature on how to boost our esteem and you know, maybe feel ok to head to the beach once in a while!

  2. try getting a new look. when i was in sveenth grade through eigtg grade i used to have a very, very low self asteem. but then i decided that i wanted 2 change b4 i went into high school. the summer b4 9th grade i lost weight and got a new look. i cutted my hair, i started using a little more make up, got new clothers and everything worked out fine. im sure you can do it 2. it’s been 1 yr since that happened and now my friends don’t look at me da same way as before. they told me i am a new me. if u do decide 2 get a makeover, forget everything that happened in the past and start fresh. since i got a makeover, i am way more outgoing now.

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