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How to Stop Hating Yourself

Self-loathing is a dark land studded with booby-traps. Fumbling through its underbrush, we cannot see what our trouble actually is: that we are mistaken about ourselves. That we were told lies long ago which we, in love and loyalty and fear, believed. Will we believe ourselves to death?

Unworthy boldly explores the personal, societal, biological and historical factors that have made some of us our own worst enemies and spurred years of needless suffering. Arguing that 99.9 percent of our low self-esteem isn't reality-based, Unworthy spurs a dialogue and illuminates the steep but crowded path leading toward self-acceptance.

"Anneli Rufus has an incredible insight into the human condition. ... She shows us that no matter what was said or done to us, self-loathing does not have to be our fate. Hers is a strong, sympathetic and encouraging voice."
-- Henry Rollins

"A practical, if heartbreaking, roadmap. ... This book should be required reading for anyone suffering from low self-esteem, and while it will likely cause readers to tear up repeatedly, the empathy and grounded advice is sure to help inspire healing."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Unmasking and destigmatizing the mantle of doubt, fear, guilt and self-blame under which millions of otherwise average Americans quietly suffer and detailing the ways in which self-haters can start to build toward a more accurate understanding of themselves. ...Brutally candid. ... A clarion call to those who struggle with self-loathing that they aren't alone or powerless and that they are capable of healing their battered souls."
-- Forbes

"In a market overflowing with self-help books, Rufus has written one that stands out in the crowd. ... This is a hopeful, helpful book for anyone who has struggled to accept themselves."
-- San Jose Mercury News

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