Do You Go Around Announcing That You’re Unlovable?

Has anyone ever told you they loved you and your first response to that miraculous, brave statement was “No, you don’t” or “No, you can’t”? … And then you started rambling off a list of reasons why he or she could not possibly love you, because you believed that this innocent, ignorant, well-meaning but extremely na├»ve person hadn’t yet seen the real you?

We’ve all been there.

IMG_5423 copy


Do You Go Around Announcing That You’re Unlovable? — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Patty! Her work is just lovely! Thanks so much for shrnaig with us! I am finaly taking my first photo class tomorrow afternoon! I am really excited to see what all I’ll learn. K .saw the Charleston comment is your son going to visit Charleston, SC? I love it down there! Y’all take care!Hugs!Susan

  2. I’m so glad you’re not stopping. I have so eojnyed following your journey. I am new to blogging, and while I’m not new to the plant-based lifestyle, I am hoping to start a family soon and I know I will need to find strength when that happens. Facebook and twitter, and even fancy blogs, are people’s versions of themselves. It is so easy to compare ourselves to a bunch of someone’s photos and comments, but that’s not the whole person. If anything, your blog is one of the most honest ones out there. Reading your writing, I get a sense of the real you, not some fancy photo-shopped pics and your best self. For that reason, you do help people. I strive to be as honest in my writing, and in my life. Thank you.

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